1. Groups - Resources 4 items
    1. Ch. 1 'Group dynamics' from Joining Together. Group Theory and Group Skills - David W. Johnson, Frank P. Johnson 2013

      Chapter Required In D. Johnson. & F. Johnson, Joining together: group theory and group skills (11th ed., pp. 1-44). Boston: Pearson.

    2. Ch. 3 'Group Goals, Social Interdependence, and Trust' from Joining Together. Group Theory and Group Skills - David W. Johnson, Frank P. Johnson 2017

      Chapter Required In D. W. Johnson, & F. P. Johnson (Eds.), Joining together: group theory and group skills (12th ed., pp. 69-136). New York, NY: Pearson.

  2. Networks - Resources 11 items
    1. Ch. 7 'Social Integration, Social Networks, Social Support, and Health' - Lisa F. Berkman, Thomas Glass

      Chapter Required In I. Kawachi & L. F. Berkman (Eds.), Social epidemiology (pp.137-173). New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2000

    2. Ch. 1 'The hidden power of social networks' - Robert L. Cross, Andrew Parker

      Chapter  In R. L. Cross, & A. Parker, The hidden power of social networks: understanding how work really gets done in organizations (pp.3-14). Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School Press.

    3. Modes of Network Governance: Structure, Management, and Effectiveness - K. G. Provan, P. Kenis Apr 2008

      Article Recommended Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 18(2), 229-252.

    4. Networks, crowds, and markets: reasoning about a highly connected world - David Easley, Jon Kleinberg 2010


    5. Networks, Innovation and Public Policy: Politicians, Bureaucrats and the Pathways to Change inside Government - Mark Considine, Jenny M. Lewis, Damon Alexander 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    6. City Diplomacy: Towards More Strategic Networking? Learning with WHO Healthy Cities - Michele Acuto, Mika Morissette, Agis Tsouros Feb 2017

      Article Recommended Global Policy, 8(1), 14-22

    7. Do Networks Really Work? A Framework for Evaluating Public-Sector Organizational Networks - Keith G. Provan, H. Brinton Milward Jul 2001

      Article Recommended Public Administration Review, 61(4), 414-423.

    8. How to do (or not to do) ... a social network analysis in health systems research - K. Blanchet, P. James Aug 2012

      Article  Health Policy and Planning, 27(5), 438-446.

  3. Case examples 3 items
    1. International School Health Network: an informal network for advocacy and knowledge exchange - Douglas S. McCall, Irving Rootman, Dale Bayley Sep 2005

      Article  Promotion & Education, 12(3-4), 173-177.

    2. Assessment of the Implementation of Maternal and Child Health Services of Rural Health Units in Tarlac City - Alma Corpuz, Maria Agnes P. Ladia, Rosalina C. Garcia, Remedios D. Facun Apr 2012

      Article  International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 3(2), 160-170.

  4. Health Promotion - General resources 3 items
    1. Health promotion: planning and strategies - Keith Tones, Jackie Green 2010

      Book Recommended

    2. Introduction to Health Promotion & Behavioral Science in Public Health - Hala Madanat, Elva Arredondo, Guadalupe X. Ayala

      Book Recommended

    3. Social capital and health promotion: a review - Penelope Hawe, Alan Shiell Sep 2000

      Article Recommended Social Science & Medicine, 51(6), 871-885.