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    1. Italian Literature: Mandatory novels 7 items
      These are the three mandatory novels you need to read before your departure in November.
      1. The leopard - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa 1960

        Book Required To find other editions of this book, click on the title and select the blue "Find other formats/editions" button

      2. Il gattopardo - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa 1982

        Book Required

      3. The day of the owl ; Equal danger - Leonardo Sciascia 1984

        Book Required

      4. Il giorno della civetta: Prefazione dell'autore - Leonardo Sciascia 1972

        Book Required

      5. The almond picker - Simonetta Agnello Hornby, Alastair McEwen 2005

        Book Required

      6. La Mennulara - Simonetta Agnello Hornby 2004

        Book Required

      7. A concise history of Italy - Christopher Duggan 2014

        Book Required Read Chapters 4 and 5

    2. Italian Literature: Further Readings 13 items
      1. Il Caso Sciascia: Dilemmas of the Antimafia Movement in Sicily - Peter Schneider, Jane Schneider

        Chapter Required

      2. At the Prince's Table: Food in The Leopard - Mary Tatloer Simeti 05/2007

        Article Recommended

      3. A concise history of Italy - Christopher Duggan 2014

        Book Recommended Read Chapters 6 and 7

      4. Chapter 4: The imagined island: Sicilian writers - Joseph Farell 2012

        Chapter Recommended In "Sicily: a cultural history"

      5. Chapter 1: The genesis of the mafia [selected pages] - John Dickie

        Chapter Recommended In "Cosa Nostra: a history of the Sicilian Mafia"

    3. Ancient Sicily: General and Introductory Works 5 items
      This list contains works that will provide you with a good introduction to the topics we will be looking at in the "Ancient" part of this Study Tour, together with some more in-depth studies that will help you with a range of themes and to which you should refer regularly. See also the notes on the general subject bibliography on LMS
      1. The western Greeks: the history of Sicily and south Italy from the foundaation of the Greek colonies to 480 B. C. - Thomas James Dunbabin 1948

        Book Recommended An excellent book but bear in mind a) its age and b) its declared use of the British Empire as a model

      2. Ancient Sicily - M. I. Finley 1979

        Book Recommended

      3. The complete Greek temples - Antony Spawforth 2006

        Book Required This is the first go-to book when looking at Greek temples - start here, then move on to more detailed analyses

    4. Ancient Sicily: Pantalica 4 items
      Read Robert Leighton's article "Rock Cut Tombs and Funerary Landscapes of the Late Bronze and Iron Ages in Sicily: New Fieldwork at Pantalica" at least as far as p. 195 - this is essential background for the Pantalica fieldtrip. See also the relevant sections in more general books, especially Sicily before History (Leighton) Read as much other material as you can (and all if you intend to include Pantalica in your reflective journal)
      1. Archaeologies of Memory - Ruth M. Van Dyke, Susan E. Alcock 2008


    5. Ancient Sicily: Temples and Temple Building 5 items
      Most books on Greek Architecture will discuss the splendid temples of Sicily; concentrate especially on what distinguishes temples in Sicily from those in Greece itself - read the article by Winter in particular
      1. Greek architects at work: problems of structure and design - J. J. Coulton 1977

        Book Recommended

      2. The complete Greek temples - Antony Spawforth 2006

        Book Recommended

    6. Ancient Sicily: Morgantina and the Villa Romana del Casale (Piazza Armerina) 3 items
      See also LMS for scans of relevant material which is not available electronically
    7. Noto 1 item