1. MyHR (formerly PCEHR) and other Personal Health Records 5 items
    1. Early Experiences with Personal Health Records - J. D. Halamka, K. D. Mandl, P. C. Tang 01/01/2008

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  2. HIM Practice and Work: ethical and legal issues 2 items
  3. Confidentiality - Medical Records, Health Information, Access, etc 5 items
    1. ch.12, Confidentiality and record-keeping - Ian Kerridge, Michael Lowe, Cameron Stewart

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  4. EHRs: ethical and legal factors 2 items
  5. Telemedicine: medical records, health information, legal and ethical issues 1 item
  6. Sanctity of Life; End-of-life decisions - ethical and/or legal aspects; Euthanasia 6 items