1. Global perspectives 11 items
    1. Emergence of Indigenous Peoples - Rodolfo Stavenhagen 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Required

    2. Bloke - Margaret Hickey, Playlab Sept. 2015

      Book Recommended

    3. A global snapshot of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples' Health: The Lancet-Lowitja Institute Collaboration - Silburne K, Reich H, Anderson I 2016

      Document Recommended To access this document, click on the blue 'online resource' button and from the resulting page, click on 'free pdf'

  2. National overview of Indigenous Philippines 7 items
    1. Special Edition: 'Modes of Indigenous Modernity: Identities. Stories. Pathways.' in Thesis Eleven vol 145 Issue 1 April 2018

      Journal Required This special issue of Thesis Eleven, entitled ‘Modes of Indigenous Modernity: identities. Stories. Pathways' was coedited by Trevor Hogan and Priti Singh. It contains 8 relevant articles for this subject – mainly by Pinoy scholars whose students we will meet on the tour.

    2. The mining policy of the Philippines and «resource nationalism» towards nation-building - Minerva Chaloping-March 15/12/2014

      Article Required To access the full text of this article, click on the blue 'online resource' link. From the resulting page, look under the 'Resume' heading and click on the 'English' tab. Next, scroll down to 'Texte integral' and click on the small 'PDF 221k' heading.

    3. Negotiating autonomy: case study on Philippine indigenous peoples' land rights - Augusto B. Gatmaytan, National Conference on Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights 2007

      Book Required

  3. The Cordillera, Northern Luzon 9 items
    1. Introduction: Memory and Archaeology - Michael Armand P. Canilao

      Chapter Required

  4. Mindanao and Bangsamoro 14 items
    1. Ibanag ethnography - Ma. Merlina B. Josue 2018

      Book Required

    2. Moro-Not Filipinos - A. Asani 1980

      Article Required

    3. Mindanao: the Long Journey to Peace and Prosperity - Paul Hutchcroft

      Book Required Read : Introduction 'The travails of promoting peace and prosperity in Mindanao'. This is an important book covering peace and conflict processes (global, regional, national and local factors), development issues, media and democracy, governance issues: see especially introduction and chapter 7 ‘Human development in the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao: trends, traps, and immediate challenges’ (Toby C. Monsod, 199-242). |

    4. Preface: Bangsamoro: a Nation Under Endless Tyranny - Salah Jubair 1999

      Chapter Required Please note: this one is on order. Not yet arrived in the library thanks.