1. Readings 8 items
    1. ch. 8, Adolescents and adults with learning disabilities - Lerner, Janet W., Kline, Frank

      Chapter Required

    2. ch. 8, Cognition, metacognition, and memory in students with learning disabilities - Hallahan, Daniel P., Lloyd, John W., Kauffman, James W., Weiss, Margaret P.

      Chapter Required

    3. Dyslexia in the primary classroom - Hall, Wendy 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Required

    4. ch. 4, The Stages of early arithmetical learning (SEAL) - Wright, Robert J., Martland, Jim, Stafford, Ann K.

      Chapter Required

  2. Module 1: Poverty, pain and pressure to learn 4 items
    1. Homelessness and Petrol sniffing 4 items
      1. Heavy Metal: The social meaning of petrol sniffing in Australia - Maggie Brady, Ebook Library 1992 (electronic resource)

        Book Recommended

    2. Learning Disabilities 0 items
      See also the Module 2 readings
  3. Module 2: Learning Disability - Hidden in plain sight 27 items
    1. Essential Readings on on Learning Disabilities 9 items
      These readings are available via this list and need to be read in order to complete the modules for this subject.
      1. Alternative Approaches to the Definition and Identification of Learning Disabilities: Some Questions and Answers - Jack M. Fletcher, W. Alan Coulter, Daniel J. Reschly, Sharon Vaughn Dec 2004

        Article Required

      2. "Family Violence, Child Abuse & the Brain - Robert Geffner 4/12/07

        Audio-visual document Required

    2. Suggested Readings on Learning Disabilities 13 items
      The following are a selection of readings to extend your knowledge of the broad and topical issue of dyslexia.
      1. Stress, Depression, and Suicide among Students with Learning Disabilities: Assessing the Risk - William N. Bender, Cecilia B. Rosenkrans, Mary-Kay Crane 05/1999

        Article Recommended

      2. Learning Disabilities Within Postsecondary Education - Steve C. Capps, Amber M. Henslee, Douglas R. Gere 06/2002

        Article Recommended

      3. Learning to read in Australia - Max Coltheart, Margot Prior 01/2006

        Article Recommended

      4. Suicidality, School Dropout, and Reading Problems Among Adolescents - Stephanie S. Daniel, Adam K. Walsh, David B. Goldston, Elizabeth M. Arnold 11/2006

        Article Recommended

      5. A Cross-National Study of Teachers' Attributional Patterns - Margaret D. Clark, Alfredo J. Artiles 07/2000

        Article Recommended

      6. The neurobiology of reading and dyslexia - Sally Shaywitz, Bennett Shaywitz Sept 2007


    3. Suggested Websites on Learning Disabilities 5 items
      Dyslexia and LD Organisations for reference throughout this course and beyond.